April was such a crazy month: we finally created this blog and we couldn’t be happier!
As we were saying in our last – and first – post, that you can read here, we want to share the things we are passionate about and so we decided to collect everything we loved during the month of April to write this new post.
So grab your cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!


Rick and Morty – I’ve started it in the last week of April because everyone was talking about it because of the new game that came out recently. If you watched Spongebob or Adventure Time, you would probably like it.

13 Reasons Why – Just watch it: it’s a must.

Conan Gray – God bless him. He’s so good at art: he makes beautiful masterpieces through music and art, I really like his drawings and I find him very inspiring. He makes beautiful videos, I love how he edits. He’s so natural and y’all should listen to his song “Idol Town”.

Le roi danse – This movie is all about Louis XIV and the french monarchy during the XVII/XVIII centuries. The actors are amazing and it’s really well-made. Lumière, puissance, plaisir.

AmandaRachLee – I discovered her channel while watching videos about bullet-journaling, but her whole channel is beautiful. She is really lovely and creative, and her videos deserve a watch.


Pink Adidas t-shirt from Urban Outfitters – I bought this classic t-shirt back in January, for my birthday but it has short sleeves so I couldn’t wear it, because where we live is pretty cold. Now that’s spring, I‘m constantly wearing it! It’s baby pink and the logo is in white velvet – adorable.

Gold earrings – I haven’t worn earrings since middle school so I was a bit scared the hole in my lobe was closed. Luckily, I can still wear earrings, and so I chose my favorite ones! They’re gold circle earrings, they were my mom’s but I borrowed them…

Pink Bow Slides by FentyXPuma – These slides are really comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. I’m looking forward to wearing them this summer when it’s a little bit hotter. They sure will be perfect with a pair of cute shorts.

Black Opium by YSL – this is one good human invention. this has been my favorite perfume for a long time now, the scent is amazing and lasts for a very long time. It is really addictive and energetic, worth the price.


Toasted whole bread + blueberry jam – My PT suggested me this breakfast. I know it’s pretty basic but it’s the nicest thing. Three slices and you’ll be full. I usually eat my breakfast with a cup of latte

Natural water – Again, pretty basic but it’s just a reminder that you should drink lots and lots of water everyday. It does so much for our bodies and if you drink natural water, right from your sink, you’re even doing a favor to the environment.

Porridge – I absolutely love porridge and i don’t feel like i need to justify myself for that.

Whole-grain cereals – Again, amazing. And healthy.


Fashion Revolution – It’s a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. I love fashion and if you’re like me, you should check out their site and educate yourself about what you wear everyday, there’s so much behind a t-shirt.


Kafka on the shore by Murakami Haruki – I read it in one go, it’s really engaging and i couldn’t put it down. I absolutely love how the author writes and describes things without making the story boring.

1984 by George Orwell – This is a must-read for everyone. It is probably the best book i read in the past couple of years. I’m not gonna say more, just go and read it. A masterpiece by Orwell.

The Jack Experience – He was born in September 2014 and the boy behind it, Jack Edwards, is the most genuine, lovely and funny guy. And he makes the best puns. He loves books, traveling and food and his blog is just worth reading. Oh, and he owns a youtube channel as well.


do re mi – Blackbear

HUMBLE.- Kendrick Lamar

Now Or Never – Halsey

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

Holy Ghost – Børns

if i could i would feel nothing – Blackbear

Glow – Drake feat. Kanye

Hallelujah – Panic! At The Disco

Yeah, I Said It – Rihanna

Please Be Naked – The 1975


Sushi Zen – It’s my favorite restaurant. It’s a sushi restaurant and it’s the best in our city! I’ve been there a lot this month. They make the best uramaki and their soy spaghetti with vegetables are something out of this world.

Doodling – I really like drawing, it’s something that sets me at ease. I recently bought a new gel pen and so I’ve been sketching a lot and everywhere. I like creating little characters, everyone with their cute, goofy and silly personality.

Lush love lettuce face mask – this mask is amazing in everything. It removes the dry skin and mattifies the skin: it really works very well, and the amazing smell is just a bonus.


Lots of love,
Lea and Alessia.

twitter: @theleaale
instagram: @theleaale

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