Pink Styles & Harry Styles.

Harry Styles.

Harry Styles? Yes, you read right.

His solo career started last week with the launch of his all-pink, glamour-rock, self-titled album.

We really liked it and after listening to it on repeat for a week, we have some solid opinions on each track.  So for today, we’re going to give you a little review, but that’s not all!

Since the release, Harry has served to the world some very out-there outfits: bold colors – such as pink and yellow – very noticeable patterns, interesting textures like satin and glitter and oversized suits. Of course, everything’s Gucci.

Inspired by his style, the album’s artwork and the 70’s vibes, we decided to create some looks based on him.

Grab something to drink and enjoy!

Ps: please, remember we’re not music critics, these are just our opinions.


// Meet Me in the Hallway //

Lea: Not my personal favorite but I find the chorus very cute and the intro reminds me of Sherlock (the tv serie).

Ale: I should listen to it properly because I still don’t have an opinion about it, lol.

// Sign of the Times //

Lea: My mom’s favorite, she always begs me to put it on when we head to the gym. I’d describe it as a classic, the one that Harry will be remembered for, for the rest of his life.

Ale: As it’s the single, it made me really excited for the album. The chorus is amazing and I get goosebumps when he raises his voice at the end.

// Carolina //

Lea: I love it! The base is great – the duck noises are so fun – and I wish it was about me, haha!

Ale: I wish it was about me, it is definitely up there with my favs.

// Two Ghosts //

Lea: The lyric’s on point and the sound reminds me a lot of a Beatles’ song. I can imagine myself on the beach, watching a sunset while listening to this nostalgic song.

Ale: Not my fav but I like it.

// Sweet Creature //

Lea: So relaxing and perfect for my summer soundtrack! It’s simple: just his voice and a guitar.

Ale: So pure, so sweet. I cried the first time I listened to it. (it rhymed)

// Only Angel //

Lea: I have mixed feelings about this song! The beginning is so angelic, it could be mistaken for a disney song. But then, the real song starts and it flies you back to the 50’s and you feel like you’re part of the Grease cast! You really want to be the Sandy to his Danny. This song is one of my favorite!

Ale: This is the one I like the least. I don’t hate it, I just like it less than the others. I do really like his voice in here though.

// Kiwi //

Lea: Such a crazy song! Very fun to sing along to it in the car. You can definitely say he’s the modern prince of rock ’n’ roll.

Ale: It makes me dance, so catchy. I usually don’t like this kind of songs but God how I love this one. Good job, Harry. You did it right.

// Ever Since New York //

Lea: Not bad but not my favorite. Actually, it’s – again – one of my mom’s favorites.

Ale: A jam. Caught my mom singing it the other day.

// Woman //

Lea: It’s probably the second best one. I love the guitar and the voice at the beginning. I enjoy singing it while I shower!

Ale: I love it so much. Harry’s voice is perfect and I’m never gonna stop saying that.

// From the Dining Table //

Lea: The lyric is beautiful. I get very emotional when I hear the strings. His voice sounds old-fashioned, in a cool way… and I can’t wait to have the vinyl to hear how it’s on my record player!

Ale: Probably my favourite, the lyrics are so beautiful and it makes me emotional. Love, love, love.



Yellow Shirt – Paper; Black Velvet Trousers – Paper;

Pink Leather Jacket – Zara; Black Palazzo Trousers – COS; Ace Sneakers – Gucci;


White T-Shirt – Zara; Blue Jeans – H&M; Stan Smith Sneakers – Adidas;

Pink Long Sleeves Turtleneck T-Shirt – H&M; Black Trousers – H&M; Ankle Boots – idk.


We think we did a great job but we want to hear from you! What do you think about Harry’s new album? And what about the outfits we created?

Lots of love,
Lea and Alessia.

twitter: @theleaale
instagram: @theleaale

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