First of all, sorry for not being active in the past weeks, but school and personal tasks have kept us busy. Today we’re back with this past month’s favourites: we hope you’re inspired to try something new by reading this. Enjoy!

Riverdale – At the beginning I found it kinda boring so I stopped watching it. But then I started it again and got really into it, it’s an amazing show.

NCIS – I am really into this sort of shows, but somehow I was never really interested in watching this one. I started it almost 3 weeks ago and I am almost finished, absolutely love it, but my all time fav will always be Criminal Minds.

Master chef 4 & 5 – I don’t know why actually. I love how they decorate the plates when they’re finished and all the creativity they put in the making. Most importantly, it’s a challenge so of course it’s fun to watch!

YSL – It’s a film about Yves’ life. I liked it a lot because I love fashion and seeing how he created a massive brand was very fascinating. The love story between him and his fiancée was very cute, too (I guess it was right to underline it because of pride month!)

Crop tops – Where we live it’s really hot in summer, and it’s impossible to stay outside because of the heat. In summer, crop tops are almost the only tops I wear: they’re fresh and leave your arms and shoulders free. I just find them really comfortable.

Sunglasses – I bought them at the beginning of June because I really needed them (I always have to wear glasses so…). I used them a lot and I really like the style, kinda 50s.

Bodysuits – They’re so practical to wear in summer cause sometimes you can change them with swimsuits and people can’t tell the difference!

Iced coffee – It’s kinda self-explanatory. I love coffee, but it’s too hot to drink it warm.

Caprese salad – Fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and basil, seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s quick and fresh, perfect.

Salads – Lately I’ve discovered a new interest: food. I love food but this time I tried to experiment more with flavors and to combine fruit with salads, it’s very very good (ex. melon + parma ham + vinegar + salad; guacamole + bacon + salad)

Bruschette – my mum (yes, she’s back) bought a bag of – fake – bruschette but after this, I started making myself real ones and they’re so easy to do, very fresh and light!

Ice cream – It’s summer so of course I had to treat myself with a very tasty “gelato” (ice cream in Italian) and my favorite flavor is pistacchio!

Matthew Noszka – He’s a model, he’s very handsome – that’s enough.

areyouami – It’s an aesthetic account on Instagram, I don’t have much to add.

Tiny Kitchen – The name says it all: on this account there are videos of someone making tini tiny food and it’s so adorable (yeah I’ve been obsessed with food).

Tyler Ford – I love photography and he’s an amazing photographer. He took pictures of a lot of models such as my sunshine Bella Hadid.

Phèdre, Racine – This is a french tragedy by one of the most relevant tragedy writers of the XVII century. A five-acts play about an intricate love story between members of the same family. Don’t read it if you don’t like stories that don’t have an happy ending.

Magazines – This is the only thing I read as always. I find it very cool, interesting and looking for the first time at the cover is my favorite part. I usually go for Vogue and sometimes Vanity Fair. If I lived in a bigger city such as Milan, I’d go for something less known but here where we live I can’t find anything cool, undiscovered, unique and a little strange – in a good way.

strip that down, liam payne
bad liar, selegend gomez
heaven in hiding, halsey
make daddy proud, blackbear
such a boy, astrid s
location, khalid
hopeless fountain kingdom, album by halsey
melodrama, album by lorde
dead, madison beer
collide, justine skye
run me dry, bryson tiller

Aquila Basket – The basketball team of our city! Those boys give their best in every game and our city is really proud of them. Sadly we lost at the final of the National Championship. Now the season is over, but we’re looking forward for the next one! Also, we got to meet the whole team and they were all so nice!

Happy hour – Since the beginning of my summer holidays, I’ve been going out with my family at 6pm circa to drink and eat a little something. I really like this little part of my daily routine because it’s not that hot and I can spend more time with my family, as they work a lot.

Concerts – I’ve been to a festival and to a concert during the month of June. I saw Bastille, Martin Garrix – I had so much fun during his set; if you have the opportunity you should totally go to one of his concerts! – and Justin Bieber at the IDays and then I saw Halsey with Ale a week later.
We love going to concerts and we missed it a lot! We took lots of photos, we danced until we couldn’t stand on our feet and we sang until we lost our voices!


Lots of love,
Lea and Alessia.

twitter: @theleaale
instagram: @theleaale

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