First of all, sorry for not being active in the past weeks, but school and personal tasks have kept us busy. Today we’re back with this past month’s favourites: we hope you’re inspired to try something new by reading this. Enjoy!
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Pink Styles & Harry Styles.

Harry Styles.

Harry Styles? Yes, you read right.

His solo career started last week with the launch of his all-pink, glamour-rock, self-titled album.

We really liked it and after listening to it on repeat for a week, we have some solid opinions on each track.  So for today, we’re going to give you a little review, but that’s not all!

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Mother’s day.

Moms. They probably don’t realize it, but they teach us so much, and we are extremely thankful to have them. Not only they gave us life, but they are partially responsible for who we are now as persons. On this day, we thought we might share some of the things our mothers taught us.

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April was such a crazy month: we finally created this blog and we couldn’t be happier!
As we were saying in our last – and first – post, that you can read here, we want to share the things we are passionate about and so we decided to collect everything we loved during the month of April to write this new post.
So grab your cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!

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